Rescue Sticker

Free Rescue Sticker. Available from your Authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer.

Mercedes-Benz is a leader in vehicle safety and we are pleased to introduce the very latest safety feature from Mercedes-Benz;

The New Rescue Sticker with QR code.

The New Rescue Sticker with QR code allows the rescue services to quickly and efficiently gather safety-related information on your Mercedes-Benz vehicles design. Such information is of critical importance to rescue service and can lead to life saving intervention at the scene of an accident.

By using a smartphone or tablet the rescue service can scan the codes to access information such as where to position the rescue tools, where vital electrical cables are fitted, where air bags are located and where the fuel tank is positioned.

Should you wish to have this Rescue Sticker fitted to your vehicle then contact our service department today with your vehicle chassis number or simply call-in and see us. There is no charge for this service.