Crosswind Assist Retrofit

Keep your Sprinter safely on course.

Due to their size, all vans are susceptible to the effects of crosswinds. With an inappropriate reaction, sudden gust of winds from the side can quickly become dangerous for the driver and load. By retrofitting Mercedes-Benz Crosswind Assist you will be safe in the knowledge that your Sprinter has the most up to date Adaptive ESP system to assist in the event of sudden crosswinds.

  • Available for model series: Sprinter 906 (210-519)
  • Model variant: 906111/906113/906131/906133/906135 906211/906213/906231/906233/906235 906611/906613/906631/906633/906635/906637 906711/906713/906731/906733/906735
  • Year: from 01/2012